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Where can i buy Giaot bikes?

Contact us by whatsapp/facebook/wechat.

I have placed an order for Giaot Bikes, when will it be delivered?

Sometimes the parts we need for production are delivered to us later than expected. We cannot start production without them and have to wait until all the required parts are received. It usually takes half a month to complete.

Can I order replacement parts and accessoires directly from Giaot.

Yes. We selling parts of our bikes.

Can I customize bikes or electric bikes from Giaot?

Surely ok. We support OEM and ODM.

What is the warranty/guarantee period on Giaot bikes?

For all frames and rigid forks from model year 2011 and older we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer:
Aluminium: 5-year guarantee
Titanium: 5-year guarantee
Carbon fibre, aluminium-carbon fibre: 2-year guarantee

Is it possible to repair a damaged carbon-fiber frame?

Giaot does not offer a repair service for carbon-framed bikes.
We advise against repairing damaged carbon fibre. The carbon fibres may suffer extensive structural damage that is not visible to the naked eye. If in doubt, always replace carbon-fibre parts immediately.

Who can I contact if i have a problem with my bike?

Your first port of call should always be the Giaot shop where you bought the bike. Only the Giaot dealer with which you have the original sale contract is obliged to process complaints and warranty claims. Other Giaot dealers can handle complaints on a voluntary basis, but are not obliged to do so.

It is not possible for us to make any assessments, or process or handle any claims directly. Your Giaot dealer can assess the bike in-shop and make an informed statement. If required, your Giaot dealer can also offer a solution or register a damage claim with us along with the necessary documentation.